WhatsApp Update: Users will be able to log in to the app even if they do not have the phone number, verification will happen like this..


Till now you have used your phone number to log in to WhatsApp. But soon a new option is also going to be available. The new option will give users the option to log in through e-mail. It is being said that currently it is in beta testing and has been rolled out for some Android users. Once testing is done, it will be launched for all users.


It has been clearly said that this new option should be considered as just another way to log in. SamMobile has said that some beta users of WhatsApp have the option to link email with their account. This is given in the settings of the app. It is also mentioned that others will not be able to see your email.

The email address will have to be verified
According to the report, users will have to verify their email address to set up their account. A warning prompt appears if you fail to verify your account. There is also an additional ‘Verify Email’ button to resend the verification email to the added address.

The email address feature will likely serve as a backup for situations where users may face difficulties receiving the verification code over SMS, or when they do not have their registered phone number.

WhatsApp announced last month that it would allow Android users to access their accounts using Passkeys.

Said something else before
In a post on social media platform X(formerly Twitter), Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp announced that the new security option will allow users on Android devices to login using biometrics like fingerprint and facial scan or safety PIN. will allow.


Passkey authentication is an opt-in feature and can replace the SMS-based one-time-password login method with user permission. The authentication method is available for Android users, however, Meta has not clarified anything on the passkey for iOS or Apple devices.
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