Healthcare tips: - Why do you get angry when you are hungry? Know


Feeling hungry is a physical process. When you feel hungry, you don't feel like doing anything. There is also a saying regarding this that first worship the stomach, then do the work. That is, when we feel hungry, we leave aside all the work of the world and pay attention to food first. Some people become very angry when they feel hungry. We know it as a hangry Let us know why we get angry when we are hungry. Health expert Loveleen Kaur is giving information about this.

Why do you get angry when you are hungry?

When you remain hungry for a long time, your blood sugar drops, and then your body releases the hormone adrenaline to raise your glucose levels to normal levels. In which your body prepares you to deal with the danger. But when no threat is present you become irritable and angry with that extra energy. During this time, the cortisol hormone is also released, due to which there is a feeling of stress. 

As soon as some food reaches your body, the digestion process starts working. Nutrients reach your blood and then reach every part of your body. This gives you energy and makes you feel relaxed.

Manage the hangry like this

As soon as you feel hungry, instead of ignoring it, eat a balanced diet. Eating food in the right way and at the right time has a positive effect on your mood, behaviour and health. Eat foods that are high in fibre. 

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