Co-Branded Credit Card: What are the benefits available compared to normal cards, know everything..


Nowadays, various brands and banks collaborate together and offer co-branded credit cards to attract customers. In such a situation, credit card users sometimes get confused as to which one is the best among so many credit cards.


Today we are going to tell you about these branded credit cards, what type of credit cards they are, how different they are from normal credit cards and what are the benefits of co-branded credit cards. Let us know the answer to each question one by one.

What is a co-branded credit card?
As the name suggests, it is a credit card that is made available to customers in partnership with a bank and a company, organization, or brand.

Like Amazon-Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card, IRCTC SBI Credit Card, Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, etc.

All these are co-branded credit cards, where Amazon, IRCTC, and Flipkart are the companies and various banks have partnered with them and issued cards. Apart from this, various airlines also issue credit cards in partnership with banks.

How different is it from a normal card?
Let us tell you that these cards provide all the facilities and quality of regular credit cards. Whatever work you do with a normal card, you will be able to do the same with a co-branded credit card.

However, the company that has launched that card in partnership with the bank gives you discounts and vouchers on that credit card which you do not get on a normal credit card.

What are the benefits of co-branded credit cards?
Discounts and loyalty bonuses
The advantage of co-branded credit cards is that these cards offer additional discounts, bonuses, and reward points to their customers which normal credit card users do not get.

Such cards make the customers loyal to the company and keep the customers connected with the company and the bank for a long time.

Co-branded cards are meant for different purposes. Suppose you drive a vehicle, if you have a credit card partnered with Indian Oil and any bank, then every time you fill in the oil, you get cashback, a discount, or a coupon which is very useful for you.


For example currently Indian Oil Axis Bank Credit Card. Similarly, if you travel a lot by train and book tickets through IRCTC, then IRCTC SBI Credit Card is more useful for you. Customization provides more benefits to customers.
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