Bank Locker Rules: How much compensation is given for cash kept in bank locker? Know what are the rules of RBI..


Bank Locker: Recently a strange incident was seen in a branch of Bank of Baroda. Termites destroyed the cash worth Rs 18 lakh kept in the bank locker. This matter came to light when the account holder opened the locker and found currency notes infested with termites. After this, the account holder complained to the branch manager of the bank after which investigation had been started. Now in such a situation, the question arises whether the account holder will get compensation or not.


A similar case was also seen in Ambala, Haryana. An incident of theft in a government bank locker has come to light here. Come, today let us tell you in detail about the bank locker rules made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

RBI guidelines
Last year i.e. in 2022, the Central Bank issued a circular. According to this circular, all locker holders had to revise their locker agreements by January 2023. After this, the bank had to give the waiting list of its lockers and the list of empty lockers to RBI. Apart from this, any customer in the bank can take a locker only for 3 years. If there is any damage to the goods kept in the locker, the bank will compensate the customers for the loss.

The customer will also have to follow the locker rules of the bank. If the customer keeps the goods following the rules of the bank, then the bank will definitely compensate for his loss. Along with this, the bank will also have to pay attention to the security of its premises. In such a situation, the question is, what items can be kept in the bank locker?

What can you keep in the locker?
Any customer can keep only jewelry, documents, and legal goods in the bank locker. In case of theft of these goods or any other accident, the loss will be compensated by the bank. At the same time, items like cash, foreign currency, weapons, drugs, or other types of medicines cannot be kept in the locker. If you keep something like this then no loss will be compensated.

This means that the account holder will not get any kind of compensation in case of an incident in the Bank of Baroda locker. At the same time, the account holder will get compensation for the theft of the bank locker in Ambala.


How much compensation will you get?
The bank will give only 100 times the fare as compensation to the customer. Even if a customer keeps 100 times more goods in his locker than the prescribed annual rent, the bank will still pay only 100 times the rent.

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