Stock Market Estimation: The market will make gains even today, which factors will affect the sentiments of investors, know here...


The Indian stock market is seen in the mood to make gains for the second consecutive day on Tuesday. In the first trading session of this week also, the market started poorly but in the end, closed with a boom.

In the previous session, the Sensex closed at 59,141 with a gain of 300 points, while the Nifty rose 92 points to reach 17,622. Experts say that the global market also improved in the last trading session, which will also affect the sentiment of domestic investors. Investors will buy in the market from the beginning today, due to which the Sensex and Nifty will get a new high and the Sensex will again move towards 60 thousand.


US and European markets
The US stock market also seems to be back on track. The Fed's announcement of raising interest rates and the frightening data on inflation and unemployment had forced investors to step back, but now they are making a comeback. Due to this confidence of investors, in the last trading session, NASDAQ, which is included in America's major stock markets, was seeing a gain of 0.76 percent.

Along the lines of America, European markets also saw an increase, but here there has also been an effect of a decline in some places. Germany's stock exchange, which is included in Europe's major stock exchanges, saw a gain of 0.49 percent in the last trading session, while the French stock market closed at a loss of 0.26 percent and the London Stock Exchange also saw a loss of 0.62 percent in the last trading session.

Asian market on the green mark
Most of the stock markets of Asia opened on the green mark this morning and are trading with gains. Singapore Stock Exchange is seeing a strong gain of 0.73 percent, while Japan's Nikkei is trading with a strength of 0.40 percent. Taiwan's stock market is trading with a gain of 0.75 percent and South Korea's Kospi 0.40 percent. However, China's Shanghai Composite is still down 0.07 percent today.


The positive attitude of foreign investors
Foreign investors, who were continuously investing money in the Indian capital market, had sold in several sessions last week, but this week their confidence has returned. Foreign institutional investors put Rs 312.31 crore in the market in the last trading session, while domestic institutional investors sold shares worth Rs 94.68 crore during the same period.

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