SBI Tips: Beware of instant loan apps! One mistake and the account will be empty..


SBI Tips: Due to the online process, many facilities have become easy, but along with this the cases of fraud have also increased. Cyber ​​fraudsters are adopting new methods for fraud. State Bank of India has alerted people to avoid a new type of fraud. The bank said that beware of suspicious apps promising instant loans (Beware From Instant Loan App), as they can steal people's personal information. The country's largest lender bank has also given suggestions (Cyber ​​Fraud Saving Tips) to avoid such frauds. Along with this, information has also been given about which mistakes people need to be careful about. Apart from this, if information about fraud is received, then information has also been given about where to file a complaint about it.


Never make this mistake
State Bank of India said that never click on any suspicious link, which is taking your personal information. At the same time, avoid clicking on the message sent from an unknown number in the name of a bank or financial company. Giving further information, the bank said that if information about any such fraud is received, then immediately report on the government website

These 6 ways will save you from cyber fraud
1. Before downloading an instant loan app, check its authenticity.
2. Do not click on any suspicious link.
3. Avoid using unauthorized apps and giving data to them.
4. Check app permission settings to protect personal data from theft.
5. You can complain to the local police about any suspicious loan giving app.
6. You can check for financial related information.

Apart from this, State Bank has told its customers that KYC documents should never be copied with unknown people, unverified companies and unauthorized apps and such incidents should be reported to the concerned law enforcement agencies.


It may be noted that legitimate loans are offered by banks, all non-banking financial companies registered with the Reserve Bank of India and entities regulated by state governments. You can take a loan by visiting the website or branch of these banks. However, if you want to take a loan from an instant loan app, then check it out and apply for the loan.

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