Old Pension: Old pension scheme implemented in these states, know how much pension has increased...


Old Pension Scheme States In India: Old Pension Scheme has been implemented in some states of the country, after which the burden on the exchequer of these states has increased. In this regard, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released its new Statistical Handbook-2022 on the states. The pension figures of the employees in the states going back to the old pension scheme have been given. On the other hand, the debate has started once again in the states where the old pension scheme is not applicable.


Implemented in these states
According to a report in the Indian Express, Congress-ruled Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are among the states implementing the old pension scheme. The same is also the state of Punjab, where the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is at present. Along with this, the Hemant Soren government of Jharkhand has also promised to return to OPS. These states are back in OPS. While the assembly elections are going on in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, in the meantime, Congress and AAP have promised the people of these states to return to OPS.

Rajasthan became the first state, burden increased 16 times
Under Congress rule, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has become the first state to implement OPS. Its pension bill has increased almost 16 times. Snatched 28 per cent of its own tax revenue in 2020-21 as compared to only 19 per cent in 2004-05. The state's workforce has increased by 70 per cent between 2008-09 and 2018-19, indicating an ever-increasing pension bill in the coming decades.

What are the status
This much is the pension bill
Year 2004-05: Rs 1,626 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 25,473 crore
Increase in spend: 15.66 times

Revenue tax in old pension scheme
Year 2004-05: Rs 8,415 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 90,050 crore
Increase in spend: 10.70 times

Pension-otr ratio
Year 2004-05: 19.32 percent
Year 2020-21: 28.28 percent

70 percent increased employees
Year 2008-09: 73,031
Year 2018-19: 1,24,240
Growth: 70.11 percent

Pension bill increased 12 times in Chhattisgarh
The pension bill of Chhattisgarh has increased more than 12 times in the last 16 years. But the tax revenue of the state has not increased in the same proportion. It has increased only 7.97 times. Pension allocation, which took away 16.5 per cent of its OTR in 2004-05, now takes up 25.66 per cent. Its employee strength has marginally decreased from 42,895 in 2008-09 to 40,497 in 2018-19.


What are the status
This much is the pension bill
Year 2004-05: Rs 534 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 6,609 crore
Increase in spend: 12.37 times

Revenue tax in old pension scheme
Year 2004-05: Rs 3,228 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 25,750 crore
Increase in spend: 7.97 times

Pension-otr ratio
Year 2004-05: 16.5 percent
Year 2020-21: 25.66 percent

Reduced staff
Year 2010-11: 42,895
Year 2018-19: 40,497
Deficiency: 5.59 percent

Pension liability increased 7 times in Punjab
In Punjab, the pension liability has increased more than 7 times in the last 16 years. However, its tax revenue has not increased at the same pace. Between the year 2008-09 and the year 2018-19, there has been a sharp increase in the number of employees by about 30 percent.

What are the status
This much is the pension bill
Year 2004-05: Rs 1,514 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 11,167 crore
Increase in spend: 7.37 times

Revenue tax in old pension scheme
Year 2004-05: Rs 6,945 crore
Year 2021-22: Rs 37,434 crore
Increase in spend: 5.39 times

Pension-otr ratio
Year 2004-05: 21.79 percent
Year 2021-22: 29.83 percent

Number of Employees
Year 2008-09: 1,05,101
Year 2018-19: 1,36,154
Growth: 29.54 percent

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