Zero Balance Account: You can withdraw 10 thousand rupees even if you have zero balance in your account, know how..


Jan Dhan Scheme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi worked to connect people living in remote rural areas with banking services. This zero-balance account helped crores of people easily get benefits like savings accounts, insurance, and pensions. This scheme also played a full role in fulfilling the objective of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). However, many people are not aware of all the features of Jan Dhan's account. Today we will tell you about one such facility of this account, in which you can get 10 thousand rupees anytime if needed.


Zero balance accounts can also avail overdraft facility
In Jan Dhan's account, account holders get an overdraft facility up to Rs 10 thousand. Account holders can avail overdraft (OD) or credit of up to Rs 10 thousand in this zero-balance account at any time. Earlier the overdraft limit was Rs 5,000. Now it has been increased to Rs 10,000. You can take advantage of this facility when needed.

Interest is charged on overdraft
If you avail overdraft or credit facility, you have to pay a nominal interest to the bank. But this helps in fulfilling the small needs of low-income group customers easily. They do not have to beg in front of anyone. You can use this money without the hassle of preparing any additional documents and files.

What is overdraft
Overdraft is a type of easy loan. Under this, the bank allows customers to borrow a certain amount. The bank also charges interest on this loan. Fees may also have to be paid on overdraft.


These people can get the benefit
If you have operated the basic savings account well for at least six months, then you can easily get an OD of 10 thousand. Apart from this, the overdraft is given to the earning members of the family or women. For this, money must come continuously from DBT in your account. Your account should be linked to Aadhaar number. Also, you should not have a Jan Dhan account anywhere else. The age of the applicant should be between 18 and 65 years.

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