YouTube Update: Can't remember the lyrics of the song? No problem, now you can search by singing...


Many times it happens that we want to listen to a song but cannot remember its lyrics. In such a situation, you get very worried, but now YouTube has solved your problem. Now you will be able to search songs by humming on YouTube Music. YouTube has released its update which is slowly becoming available to the people.


According to the report, a separate search bar has now been found in the YouTube app for searching by singing. This feature was first seen in beta testing on the mobile app in October last year. After the new update, users will be able to search for any music by speaking, singing, or humming it.

Using this feature is also very easy. You have to go to the YouTube Music app and click on the search bar. After that, you will get two options Voice and Song. In voice search, you will be able to search any song by speaking and any music can be searched by humming the song.

This feature of YouTube Music will also support Google Assistant and Google Search. Pixel phone users also have the Now playing feature with the help of which they will be able to search for any music.


Let us tell you that only last week, YouTube launched premium subscriptions in 10 other countries which include countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco, Reunion, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

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