YouTube Update: YouTube deleted 1000 celebrity ad videos, what is the reason behind this?


Google's video streaming feature YouTube has removed more than 1,000 videos from its platform. Let us tell you that these videos are scam videos, which include advertisements made using AI technology.


The company said that it is making strong efforts to deal with these AI-based celebrity scam ads and is also investing resources in this.

Deleted 1000 videos
     Media reports have revealed that YouTube used AI to create misleading advertisements promoting Medicare scams featuring celebrities like Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, and Joe Rogan.

     Let us tell you that these videos were viewed approximately 200 million times. During this time it was affecting both users and celebrities.

     Taking responsibility for this, YouTube has said that it is fully aware of the issue and is actively working to stop the spread of celebrity deepfakes.

Taylor Swift's deep fake video
     Recently, sexual deepfake videos of a Taylor Swift look-alike went viral on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

     The post was viewed more than 45 million times and reposted 24,000 times before it was removed.


YouTube is taking action
     YouTube is very aware of this issue and is continuously taking action on it and removing other AI-generated content.

     Along with this, the platform has also updated its harassment and cyberbullying policies.

     YouTube earlier this month revealed its plans to take action against AI-generated content that realistically depicts dead, minors or victims of violent incidents.

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