YouTube TV Update: The look of YouTube TV has changed! Now the platform will be seen in this wonderful avatar..


Google's video streaming platform YouTube is preparing to give the best experience to its customers. New information has emerged that YouTube is improving its TV app, which aims to make the viewing experience of its users more interactive and engaging.


Let us tell you that the new update is ready to be rolled out in the next few weeks. It will introduce a new user interface for users, which will properly set up comments, video details, and even shopping features while keeping the video front and center.

Information found in a blog post
     The company has shared complete information about it in its blog post. Let us tell you that the redesigned platform will have a slightly smaller video player. This will provide space for interactive elements like comments, views, and likes on the right side of the screen.
     "On YouTube TV, we started making some changes with the idea of reducing the size of the video player and simplifying interactions, so that things like comments can be seen in a better way," said Joe Hines and Aishwarya Agarwal, interaction designers and product managers at YouTube. Can be displayed from.
     This new layout will by default be accessible with just one click, allowing you to easily switch between the two modes i.e. full-screen view and the new layout depending on your need.

A new facility will be available
     YouTube's TV app now includes a new feature called the 'Products in this video' section. This feature allows product makers to showcase items in their videos.
     With this, the audience can easily view and buy the products displayed in a dedicated section. However, you cannot purchase these products directly from your TV screen.

     For this, YouTube has introduced a QR code system, which enables them to scan and purchase items using their smartphones.
     Let us tell you that this new interface has been designed keeping the game lovers in mind. The new interface will allow viewers to track scores on the right side of the screen without interrupting the live game.
     This new update will be gradually released to users in the coming weeks.

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