Yoga Session: Take care of these special things before practicing yoga...


Yoga Session: In today's run-of-the-mill life, due to the change in the lifestyle of every person, there is a significant impact on their health. To get rid of these problems and to keep ourselves healthy, fit, and fit, we practice yoga, due to which we remain energetic and active throughout the day. Before practicing yoga, there are many such small things, which are very important to keep in mind. Keeping these things in mind, practicing yoga will get rid of the unknown problems faced by man, and will also get the right benefits from these yoga exercises.


How to start a yoga practice
Sit on the mat in any posture like Padmasan, Ardhapadmasan, Sukhasana, or Dandasana according to your convenience. Now interlock the fingers of both hands and raise them upwards and stretch the back, arms, shoulders, and waist. Now count to 20. Slowly bring your hands down and close your eyes and focus on the coming and going breaths. During this, you should pronounce the word 'Om'. Join both hands together and pray. Now warm up well.

Do yoga only after stool purification
Before doing yoga, keep in mind that before doing any yoga practice, your stomach must be clean. Do yoga only after stool purification. Otherwise, opposite results can be seen.

Take a shower
If you do yoga regularly, then taking a bath is very beneficial. This will give you good feelings. Its positive results will be seen in your body.

Do not drink water immediately after yoga practice
You feel thirsty during yoga practice, but do not drink water at once. Because it is necessary to pacify the fire that has been ignited in the body in practice. That's why drink water slowly and little by little.


Equate both sides of the easy
Any yoga practice which has to be done on both sides, do them equally on both sides. This will give you equal and positive results.

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