Yoga for breast toning: - To tone sagging breasts, do only these 2 yoga asanas daily


With increasing age, many changes are seen in every woman's body. Like fine lines and wrinkles, sagging breasts are also a natural change. However, these changes become visible prematurely due to some factors like weight loss, estrogen deficiency, pregnancy, exercising without a bra, smoking etc. 

If you also want such changes not to appear before time, then do these 2 yoga asanas daily easily at home. These help in toning and lifting the breasts. Yoga expert Juhi Kapoor is telling us about these yoga asanas. Experts say, “Yoga helps in strengthening the chest muscles and increasing flexibility, which tones the breasts.”

Benefits of Half Camel Pose

ArdhaUstrasana is also known as Half Camel Pose. This is a back bending pose, which relieves many problems of the body. The name Yoga Mudra is derived from the Sanskrit words Ardha (meaning half), Ushtra (meaning camel) and Asana (meaning posture or posture).

How to do ArdhaUstrasana?

  • First of all, sit in Vajrasana with your knees bent.
  • Now slowly stand on your knees.
  • Keep the legs straight behind the body.
  • Raise the arms to the shoulders. 
  • Turn slightly to the right and try to hold the right heel with the left hand.
  • Also, stretch the left arm above the head. 
  • Do not put pressure on the arms while stretching.
  • The head should be slightly back and the eyes should be fixed on the raised hand.
  • Come back to the first position.
  • Repeat on the other side to complete one round.
  • Repeat this process for 3-5 rounds.

Benefits of ArdhaUstrasana

  • There is a stretch in the stomach, shoulders and chest.
  • Sagging breasts are toned. 
  • The flexibility of the stomach increases.
  • Blood circulation increases. 
  • The muscles of the hips and thighs become stronger. 
  • Digestion gets strengthened. 
  • The thyroid gland remains fine. 
  • A glow appears on the skin. 
  • Provides relief from back pain.

Seated Cat Cow Pose 

Cat and Cow poses are considered easy postures. Cat Pose is derived from the Sanskrit word Marjariyasana, 'Marjaya', which means cat. Cow Pose comes from the Sanskrit word 'bitilasana', 'bitil', which means 'cow'. 

However, both Cat and Cow poses are done by placing the palms and knees on the floor. But, the Seated Cat-Cow Pose is done sitting, with 'Upavistha' meaning 'to sit' in Sanskrit.

How to do Seated Cat Cow Pose?

  • To do this, sit in Sukhasana with your legs crossed. 
  • Stretch the spine by lifting the body upward. 
  • Keep hands on your knees. 
  • Then bow your head. 
  • Now first stretch the stomach inward and then upward. 
  • Place your chin on your chest apply pressure on your knees with your hands and stretch your shoulders and chest inwards.
  • Look upward, arch your back and expand your chest.
  • Hold this position for some time. 
  • Then come back to the seated cow pose. 
  • Move the spine inward and the neck upward. 
  • Then round the entire back and stretch the navel toward the spine to deepen the pose a bit. 
  • This should be done very slowly and carefully, as suddenly pushing the navel inward may cause abdominal cramps or discomfort.
  • Slowly release and relax by spreading the body and legs in front.

Benefits of Seated Cat Cow Pose

  • By doing this the muscles get stretched. 
  • There is tightness in the breasts. 
  • Digestion remains fine. 
  • Problems related to breathing go away. 
  • Stress goes away. 
  • The pain caused during periods goes away. 
  • Provides relief from knee pain.
  • The spine becomes stronger. 

Regularizing these asanas along with changes in lifestyle tones the chest muscles and improves posture, making the breasts look shapely. However, it has to be kept in mind that yoga alone cannot help in breast toning. For this, you also need the right diet and strength training. 

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