Worried about the problem of irritability of the child? Give this beneficial fruit in food today itself


Children often start making nose and mouth as soon as they hear about healthy food. But healthy food is very important for their growth. In such a situation, you can feed custard apples rich in important elements to your children.


The custard apple is called Sharifa or Sitaphal in the common language. It is a sweet and tasty fruit, due to which even children eat it easily.

There are many benefits of custard apples for babies. This is helpful in their overall growth.

If your child has a lot of irritability, then feed him a custard apple. It is a rich source of Vitamin B complex which cools the mind and calms down by removing irritability.

Calcium is found in the Custard apple. Because of this, it strengthens the bones and teeth of children.
Sitaphal can be fed to children to keep their skin healthy.


Consuming Sitaphal also helps in increasing the weight of children. (PC. Social media)

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