World Sleep Day 2023: Not only less sleep but more sleep also causes many problems, know its harmful effects...


World Sleep Day 2023: To stay healthy, along with a healthy diet, adequate sleep is also very important. Good sleep not only keeps us healthy but also refreshes our minds. For a healthy lifestyle, a person must take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. You must have often heard that due to lack of sleep, a person starts having many problems. But do you know that not only less sleep, but sleeping more than necessary can also be harmful to health? If not, then on the occasion of World Sleep Day, let us know about the disadvantages of sleeping more-


If you are also getting more than 8 or 9 hours of sleep, then you can become a victim of obesity. Actually, due to excessive sleeping, all the activities of the body start getting sluggish, which also affects the digestive system and the person starts becoming a victim of obesity. In the future, this obesity can become the cause of many serious diseases. In such a situation, you must decide the right time for your sleep.

Heart Diseases
In a study done on sleeping more, it has been revealed that people who sleep excessively, have a significantly increased risk of heart-related diseases. According to research, the risk of coronary heart disease can double in people who sleep more than 9 hours.

If you have also been sleeping more than the prescribed time, then it can cause diabetes. Actually, due to sleeping for a long time, physical activities are greatly reduced, due to which there is a risk of increasing blood sugar levels. It has also been revealed in a study that the amount of sugar in the blood can be uncontrolled if you sleep for more than 9 hours.

Back Pain
If you also have a habit of sleeping more, then you may complain of back pain. Generally, this problem is more for those people, then after working on the computer for hours, they sleep for a long time. In such a situation, people do not get time for physical activities, due to which the circulation of blood does not happen properly and the problem of pain starts.


Sleeping for a long time causes many problems not only physically but also mentally. Actually, due to excessive sleeping, lethargy and laziness increase, which affects the brain. Sleeping for a long time leads to a lack of enthusiasm as well as reduces positivity.

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