World Sleep Day 2023: Is this the reason for your inability to sleep? Find out today itself!


Sound Sleep Benefits: Healthy sleep is very important to stay healthy. If there is a disturbance in sleep, then the whole health starts to remain disturbed. Every year on March 17, World Sleep Day is celebrated all over the world. This day has its importance. People are made aware of the benefits of sleep. Today we will try to know about those reasons, which work to disturb sleep. There is a need to get rid of these reasons as soon as possible. The situation may become very serious in future. Doctors say that healthy sleep is related to the health of every person. That's why there should not be any kind of negligence in this.


These are the 8 reasons for sleep disturbance
1. Having Anxiety
2. Sleep Apnea Disease
3. Having insomnia problem
4. Use of phone before sleeping at night
5. Bad Lifestyle
6. Late to sleep, late to rise
7. Obesity
8. Consuming more caffeine

These diseases are caused by poor sleep

If sleep is not right then many problems can arise. Many people sleep more than the problem of obesity arises in them. Due to this hypertension, BP diseases start forming. Apart from this, in case of excess obesity, there is a higher possibility of getting cancer.

Having heart disease
Doctors say that every person should take healthy sleep. It is 7 to 8 hours. If you are sleeping more or less than this, then it affects the heart. There is a risk of coronary heart disease if there is more or less sleep.


Sleeping less or too much also affects the body's insulin. This can lead to diabetes. Physical activities are greatly reduced by sleeping more. Due to this, the risk of blood sugar level increases very much.

Having back pain
If sleeping less or more then it can cause back pain problems. That's why proper sleep should be taken. Many times this problem also occurs due to fewer activities. Blood circulation is not good due to this.

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