World Kidney Day: Kidney patients should not eat these things even by mistake, otherwise the problem will increase!


World Kidney Day 2023: Balanced diet is very important to keep the kidney healthy. A diet that contains the right amount of nutrients. On the other hand, if the kidney does not function properly in the body, then health experts advise not to eat fruits, juices, dry fruits and foods containing phosphorus. Let us tell you that the structure of our kidney is made up of millions of microscopic tissues, which are called nephrons. Kidney diseases are caused by disturbances of nephrons.


If for some reason the nephrons of the kidney get damaged, then the purification of the blood is not done properly, due to which the body has to face many problems. Come, today on World Kidney we will tell you which foods should not be eaten to keep the kidney healthy.

Salt, Sugar and Carbs
According to health experts, to keep the kidney healthy, salt, sugar and carbs should not be eaten in excess. Along with this, plenty of water should be drunk. According to doctors, instead of artificial sugar, only natural sugar like honey or fruits should be included in the diet. Artificial juice is also not good for our kidneys.

Potassium and phosphorus
Potassium and Phosphorus are one of the most important elements. But if the kidney is infected or is not working properly, then health experts forbid people to eat foods rich in high potassium and phosphorus. Your blood pressure, blood sugar, potassium, water retention and inflammation should be kept under control so that the kidney can function properly. Protein should also be taken in limited quantities in kidney disease.


Dairy products
Dairy products are rich in many vitamins and nutrients. They are a natural source of phosphorus, potassium and protein. Consuming them in excessive quantities damages the bones of kidney patients. When the kidney gets damaged, there is an increase in the amount of phosphorus in the blood, which starts pulling calcium from the bones. Due to this, the bones become thinner.

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