World First Aid Day 2023: Why is First Aid Day celebrated, know how to make its kit..


World First-Aid Day 2023: After any accident or accident, the first treatment given to the patient using limited items is called First Aid. After this, the person is taken to the doctor for complete treatment. Getting first aid on time can be a boon for life. This is the reason why First Day is celebrated every year to explain the importance of first aid.


If you get injured at home or outside, it is very important to know how to give first aid to yourself or the people with you. Children often get hurt while playing. In such a situation, it is very important to inform them not to panic and what necessary steps to take. To spread awareness among people about this, World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of September.

Why is World First Aid Day celebrated?
World First Aid Day was first celebrated in the year 2000 by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. Since then, World First Aid Day has been celebrated every year on the second Saturday of September. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to increase awareness about first aid among the people. It is important to know how you can help your family and friends with the help of first aid. Everyone, both adults and children, should have knowledge of first aid. Along with this, a first aid kit should also be in your home and car.


How to make a first aid kit
Clean any empty containers thoroughly. Mark a cross with red tape or color on its upper part so that there is no problem in identifying the box in an emergency. After this, keep some important things like band-aids, bandages, antiseptic creams, fever and headache medicine, diarrhea medicine, pain relief spray, warm bandage, burn, anti-acid, Dettol, and anti-bacterial cream and your first aid kit is ready. . You can also make this with children, which will make them curious to know about it and they will also be able to learn about it.
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