Women's Health: To stay healthy even after 50, include these vitamins in the diet, age will start to look less..


Diet Tips for 50 Plus Women: After the age of fifty, weakness starts coming in women. In such a situation, women try their best to show their growing age less. At the same time, even after trying all the remedies, women fail to hide their age. If you are turning 50, you can easily hide the effects of age by adding some essential vitamins to your diet.


Vitamin deficiency is quite common in 50 plus women. In such a situation, avoiding vitamin rich diet not only makes women feel physically weak, but also makes you look older. According to MedicalNewsToday, we tell you the names of 5 essential vitamin supplements, by consuming which you can keep yourself young even after 50.

Vitamin b12
Vitamin B12 is considered the best source of energy. But with increasing age, deficiency of Vitamin B12 starts to be seen in the body. In such a situation, by including things like milk, dairy products, animal products, chicken, fish, egg, meat and yeast in the diet, you can complete the deficiency of vitamin B12.

Calcium-rich diet helps make bones strong. Also, eating things rich in calcium reduces the chances of fractures in women. In such a situation, you can consume dry fruits, seeds, dairy products, fish, beans, pulses, green leafy vegetables, soybean, and tofu to meet calcium deficiency.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D intake is also necessary for women above 50 years of age. Along with increasing the immunity of the body, Vitamin D helps keep depression, anxiety and fatigue at bay. On the other hand, dairy products, eggs and fish are considered better sources of vitamin D. Apart from this, you can also sit in the sun for some time to make up for the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body.


Vitamin B6
After 50, there is a deficiency of Vitamin B6 in the body. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to take a diet rich in Vitamin B6 to stay fit and healthy. On the other hand, carrot, spinach, banana, milk, chicken and kalonji are considered the best sources of vitamin B6.

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