Women's day 2023: Every woman must get this test done after 21 years, it will be guaranteed to avoid cancer..


Pap Smear Test for Cervical Cancer: According to WHO, one crore people died due to cancer in 2020. One out of every 6 deaths is due to cancer. Of these, the maximum number of deaths is due to breast cancer. After this, most deaths in women are due to cervical cancer or cervical cancer. According to WHO statistics, 5.30 lakh women die every year due to cervical cancer. The biggest cause of cervical cancer is the HPV virus. It is a matter of concern that this virus can become active again after remaining inactive in the reproductive organs of women for many years. This is the reason why doctors recommend regular Pap smear tests to all women above the age of 21 years.


A pap smear test or PAT test is done to check for cervical cancer in women. For this test, a sample is extracted from the cells from the cervix of women and it is analyzed. From this, other things can be detected in the reproductive organs of women.

Why is it important to get tested for cervical cancer
According to the Mayo Clinic, cervical cancer is a very serious disease in women, in which most of the patients die. Cervical cancer occurs in the reproductive organs of women i.e. at the mouth of the uterus. The main cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus. This virus occurs in every woman who makes a physical relationship. Usually, the immune system destroys this virus or even if it remains, it does not cause any harm. But in some women, this virus becomes inactive near the cervix for a long time and becomes active anytime after years. It is ascertained by Pap smear test whether this virus can give cancer in the future. If the virus can spread cancer, then by removing it, women can be saved from death.

Who should do this test?
Generally, doctors recommend a Pap smear test to every woman between 21 to 65 years of age. However, this doctor tells that what is the time to get a Pap smear test done. Usually, it is asked to get this test done once every three years. Women above the age of 30 must get this test done once every five years along with the HPV test. But if there are complications related to the uterus in women, then the doctor also advises getting this test done as soon as possible. If the immune system is weak, has HIV, smokes, or uses steroids, then such women need frequent check-ups.


What happens in the test
In the Pap smear test, cells are removed from the cervix of women and examined. During this procedure, the doctor also cuts out and removes potential precancerous cells. With this test, any abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix have to be detected so that it can be ascertained that there is no risk of cancer in the cervix in the future. Since the symptoms of cervical cancer do not appear outside for years, there is a need to get this test done regularly. This can save the lives of lakhs of women. However, the vaccine for cervical cancer has arrived and the government is planning to give this vaccine to teenage girls only.

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