Women's Corner: Sometimes it is necessary for women to say 'no', know how to refuse..


How To Say No In a Respectful Way: Every woman wants people to like her and appreciate her work. Many times, to maintain their image, women get busy with work that they do not want to do. Not only this, but many people also take advantage of these habits of women. If you do not have time or you are already sitting with a lot of work, then before taking a new job, you can refuse to work, but there is a right way for this too.


According to well-known psychologist and therapist Lucille Shackleton, refusing any work does not work to spoil your image. Rather, you can complete your earlier work in a better way by putting your mind to it. Here we tell you how you can respectfully say 'no'.

This is how women can say 'no'
'Thanks for giving me the opportunity, but I've already been given a lot of work. I have also committed to completing it.

- 'I am not even knowing how long I will be able to complete this work, but I will inform you as soon as my work is done'.

-'Thanks for inviting me, but I will not be able to complete your work'.
Thank you for asking me but...

- 'I wish I could complete your work'.

- 'Next time for sure I will complete your work first'.


-'Thanks for thinking about me, but I will have to pass this work to someone else'.

'Not this time, but next time I will do your work'.

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