Women's Corner: Loneliness is dangerous for mental health, how to deal with it, women must follow these tips..


Loneliness Effects On Women: In the changing lifestyle and busy life, people feel lonely even in the crowd. This loneliness also starts negatively affecting the mental health of people due to not being able to handle the relationship properly, and feeling emotionally isolated or displeased with themselves. In such a situation, a person sometimes feels lonely even after being with the family. In such loneliness, women easily get surrounded and they slowly start keeping their distance from people. Here we are telling how you can save yourself from loneliness.


Women save themselves from loneliness in this way
Be kind to yourself

According to Psychology Today, if you consider yourself the reason for your bad condition and keep punishing yourself all the time, then this method will never let you get out of loneliness. You should take care of yourself, do things that make you feel good, and be kind to yourself.

Share it
When you do some positive work, you feel good. Not only this, you feel good about yourself. In such a situation, share your words, help people and spend a good time with the needy.

Live in real life
In the true sense, social media does not take you closer to your loved ones, it takes you away, so you should live in real life. It would be better to stay away from social media for a few days and feel the life around you.

Spend on experience
To gain some new experience in life, even if you have to spend money, you spend. It gives you a new chance to live in the world. You travel somewhere, go on tour, experience trekking i.e. spend on things which you have not done till now and get new experience.

Talk to strangers
You will feel better if you talk to someone on the way. For this whenever you are out, keep asking hello, good morning how are you, etc. as soon as you meet people.


Effect of loneliness
-Alzheimer's disease
-Problems with brain function
-Antisocial Behavior
- Risk of heart attack and stroke
-loss of memory
- increasing tension
-Decreased ability to make decisions.
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