Winter Care Tips: Are you troubled by cold, cough and cold, just adopt these home remedies, there will be no need of medicines!


Winter Care Tips: Although the problem of cold is more common in the winter season, often consuming anything cold and due to change in weather causes cold and cough. In such a situation, always being dependent on medicines would mean compromising your health. In case of a cold and cough, one should never take medicines immediately. Anyway, the cold flu starts going away on its own after some time. In such a situation, gargling by mixing hot water and rock salt in it gives instant relief to your throat. So let us know about the remedies to get rid of cold and cough.


Home remedies to get rid of cold, cough, and flu
In the case of a common cold, first of all, it should be cured by adopting home remedies.

In case of a cold and cough, eating ginger juice mixed with ground black pepper and honey in the morning on an empty stomach provides relief to the throat.

Jaggery, ghee, and black pepper
Heat desi ghee, add ground black pepper and jaggery to it, and cook for a minute, then eat it while still warm and drink the ghee. You will get immediate relief from the cough.

Rock salt and hot water
Mix rock salt in warm water and gargle with it three times a day. This will provide relief to the tonsils and give you relief from cold and cough.

Basil ginger tea
If you are very troubled by cold then make tea by adding basil, ginger, cloves, jaggery, and black pepper and drink it only. It is very effective in winter.

Take steam
If you want to get quick relief from the cold and also get rid of the phlegm accumulated in the chest, then hot water steam proves to be most beneficial. You should take steam at least twice a day.


Stiffness in the chest and throat can be cured very quickly by gargling with warm water. If you are also troubled by this then definitely try it.
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