Winter Blouse Designs: If you want to attend a wedding in winter, then these blouse designs are perfect...


Winter Blouse Designs: The biggest headache of girls in a winter wedding is what to wear, which looks good and also protects from cold. Because wearing a sweater over an outfit is not acceptable to us at all. If you have to choose between style and comfort, then today we are going to tell you how you can look stylish in a winter wedding without compromising on comfort.

See, only traditional wear is worn on wedding occasions, which includes a saree, suit, lehenga, or Anarkali, so you have to experiment with the top part of all these outfits. Meaning, make a saree blouse, lehenga choli, and Anarkali full sleeve. Believe me, they look very good. See their looks here.

Saree full sleeve blouse
If you plan to wear a saree at a wedding, then make its blouse also full sleeve. Be it a Banarasi, Georgette, or silk saree, a full-sleeve blouse will look good with each one. If you want to make the look more stylish, then get this type of gota-patti work done near the wrists. Which will look really beautiful and the best thing is that you will not need to carry bangles or other hand accessories with it.

Lehenga full sleeve choli
If you are going to wear a lehenga at your home or friend's wedding, then get its choli done with a full sleeve stitch like this. If you do not intend to carry jewelry, then you can get such heavy work design added to the neck. You can also keep the sleeves as churidar. This also creates a different look.
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