White Vinegar: Vinegar present in the kitchen is of great use… From cleaning to food, you can use it like this


Benefits of White Vinegar: Whether you want to enhance the taste of food or clean the kitchen stove or add a little sourness to the spices or want to clean the appliances in the kitchen or want to get rid of stubborn grease on the utensils then just A spoonful of white vinegar can do all these things. White vinegar has been used in cooking for a long time but did you know there is much more to this acid mixture that will make your life easier? So let's know how much vinegar can be useful for you...


Everyone likes pink-colored onions and chillies which are mostly served outside. Well, it was nothing but your regular vinegar pickle, which can be made in minutes and enjoyed anytime. Just add chopped vegetables like chilli, garlic, ginger, onion and a pinch of salt to a bottle of white vinegar and leave for 2 hours and enjoy.

Homemade Sauce
Give your homemade sauces a delicious twist with vinegar, it will add a tangy and delicious twist to the sauces. It is commonly used to make white sauces, in which mild white vinegar adds more flavour to the dish.

Clean old grease off dishes
Cleaning those stubborn burn marks may seem like a hassle, but you can clean them up in no time using white vinegar. To make a quick mix of white vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon juice. Rub it over the utensil and leave it. After some time wash them with regular liquid wash and see the change.

Clean the kitchen slab and cooktop
Vinegar can instantly brighten up your kitchen. Just take a bowl of warm water and mix it with white vinegar, liquid detergent, salt and lemon juice, spray it and let it sit for some time, then rinse for an effortless cleaning experience. wipe for


This is how it works in cleaning
From cleaning coffee makers to microwaves to fridges, white vinegar is the best and can be used to clean just about anything quickly and hassle-free. Simply mix it with white vinegar, lemon juice and salt in hot water and pour into a coffee maker beaker or dip a sponge and wipe down the fridge or microwave. Then let them dry and wipe again with a dry cloth, this will clean off the dirt and grime that usually accumulates over time.

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