WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp rolled out a chat filter feature, know details here...


WhatsApp often brings new features to its users. In such a situation, the company had recently introduced the chat filter feature. With the help of the chat filter feature, any message or conversation can be searched easily and quickly. The company has rolled out this feature for iPhone users.


  The chat filter feature will appear at the top of the screen. In this, you can choose between all chat lists, all, unread, and groups. All chats will be visible in All Filters on the WhatsApp screen. In this, all the conversations and messages of the users will be available. An unread filter will also be visible on the WhatsApp screen. This will contain those chats or messages which the users have not yet read.


There may not have been any reply to these chats yet. Chats of all groups of users will be found in the group filter. The user can view and reply to his favorite chats at his convenience. WhatsApp is also working on many other features, so users can soon get the benefit of many more great features.

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