WhatsApp Update: Now you can reply to photos and videos in a new way, beta testing is happening..


Meta-owned instant multimedia messaging app WhatsApp is used by billions of people around the world. It has many features that improve the user experience. A big feature of WhatsApp is a reaction to a message. After its arrival, the number of text messages on WhatsApp has reduced.


Now a new update is coming in WhatsApp, after which the way of giving a reaction on any media file i.e. photo-video will change. At present, to react to a photo video, you have to press and hold a little on it, after which a reaction bar opens.

In September last year, the developers introduced a new reply bar which has now been made available for the beta version. The big change after the new update will be that you will be able to react to the video only while watching it.


For example, if you are watching a video you will be able to react to it only during the video play. Apart from this, there will also be an option for emoji reaction on the side, that is, you will not have to long press on any photo-video to give a reaction.

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