WhatsApp Update: New feature in WhatsApp, now event planning will also be done on the app itself...


WhatsApp is working every day to improve its platform. WhatsApp is also gradually being used as a medium of communication. From school to the office, it is being used for group communication.


For the convenience of people, WhatsApp releases new features from time to time. Now WhatsApp has released a new feature with the help of which you will be able to plan any event on the app itself. The new feature will also send event invitations to people through e-mail.

Under the new feature, the event can also be pinned to the WhatsApp group so that everyone can see it. Apart from this, another new update is coming in WhatsApp, after which group members will also be able to reply to any announcement and give feedback.


WhatsApp's new events feature has been released for the community. Soon it will be released for all groups also. Let us tell you that a big feature is also coming in WhatsApp which is a part of security. WhatsApp is working on a new feature in its beta version, after which WhatsApp users will be automatically blocked, although only those who violate the policy will be blocked.

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