WhatsApp Update: If you also receive marketing messages on WhatsApp, block and report them like this..

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If you are receiving marketing and promotional messages on WhatsApp, then you do not need to worry. Rather, we are going to tell you a way to get rid of these annoying messages. By following this you can block them. The government is also making all efforts to stop them. But still, users receive such messages.


You can block messages in these ways

Block: If fake messages are coming that harass you then they can be blocked. After blocking them, you will get rid of these messages. Many numbers are not needed. But even if they are saved in the phone, it would be better to block them.

Report: If you are receiving marketing and promotional messages on WhatsApp from a business number, then you should take advantage of the report option. Such numbers can be easily reported. By doing this these messages stop coming.

Business Account: Users can also shift marketing and promotional messages to a business account. If you want that you do not want to receive such messages on your WhatsApp, then this method will prove to be right for you.


Scams are going on

If marketing and promotional messages are coming on WhatsApp many times, then it can also be a sign of a scam. Because through such messages, attempts are made to extort money from the users. Therefore, such messages should be read carefully and if anything seems suspicious, they should be blocked immediately.

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