WhatsApp Update: Profile picture screenshot option closed for these users on WhatsApp, know what will be the changes..


WhatsApp is a messaging app used in India as well as in many corners of the world, which users use to stay connected with their friends and family as well as for many other purposes. Let us tell you that WhatsApp continuously strives to provide the best experience to its users.


Continuing this trend, the company keeps bringing new features. For some time, the app was preparing to take a big step regarding the security of its users, which has now been introduced on the platform. We are talking about the profile picture screenshot block, which the app has introduced for Samsung devices.

Information found in media report
     WhatsApp is preventing users from taking screenshots of other users' profile pictures on their smartphones. This is a new privacy feature available on Android handsets.
     Meta began testing the functionality on a beta version of the app over the past few weeks and is now enabling it for all users.

     Meta hasn't shared details of this privacy functionality yet, but the rollout was spotted by Android Police.
     Users on the stable and beta versions of WhatsApp for Android are now prevented from capturing the screen when viewing another user's profile photo.
     Users can still take screenshots on WhatsApp on the beta and stable versions for iOS.
     Media reports said that WhatsApp has blocked profile image screenshots on Samsung smartphones citing the device's security policy.


How much is safe
     Let us tell you that the feature of blocking screenshots on profile pictures does not guarantee that no other user will be able to save your image.
     We are saying this because this feature cannot stop someone from clicking a picture of that screen using another smartphone.
     Similarly, tapping on a user's profile photo in the main chat list shows a small thumbnail and WhatsApp does not block screenshots there.

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