WhatsApp Update: Will In-App Ads be available in WhatsApp? Know the reason behind this, Meta said a big thing..


WhatsApp has introduced many features in the last few weeks, including channels and video call avatar features. Another such information has come to light that the messaging app is preparing for in-app ads. However, Meta has not supported any such report.


Let us tell you that it was claimed in the report that Meta's instant messaging platform is exploring the possibility of showing in-app ads. Let us tell you that the company is taking this step to monetize its messaging app. Let us tell you that this step has been much discussed.

A big debate broke out in the company
Meta teams are discussing whether ads will be visible on the WhatsApp chat screen during conversations with contacts, no final decision has been given at this time. Media reports have revealed that bringing ads on WhatsApp has become a matter of big debate among the company.

Company working on subscription plan
It has also been learned that the company was discussing a subscription model, which can provide ad-free benefits to the users. Let us tell you that Meta has denied this. The company said that we cannot account for every conversation we have with anyone in our company, but we are not testing it.


Earn money through WhatsApp chat
Even before this, such reports have come to light that WhatsApp wants to take advantage of its customers. This is not the first time that a report has claimed that the company is looking to earn money from WhatsApp. Earlier this month, a media report claimed that Meta wanted to use WhatsApp for its own profits.
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