WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp introduces a new default media quality setting feature for Android users..


Meta-owned instant multimedia messaging app WhatsApp has resolved the biggest problem. WhatsApp has released a new update, after which the default media file format has become HD. Usually, whenever we send a photo or video to someone, we have to select HD, but now it will be HD by default. Let us tell you that in March this year, WhatsApp released the support of HD photo-video.


WhatsApp's default media quality has changed
Android Police has first given information about this feature of WhatsApp. The report says that now there is no need to set the quality of any photo or video to HD before sending it. Now by default, this setting will be HD, although for this you will have to set it first.


For default media quality HD, you have to select HD by going to storage and data settings in the settings. Media files are shared faster in SD quality and data consumption is also less, while in HD, 6 times larger files are shared than in SD and more data is also used.

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