WhatsApp Update: How to make stickers from your own photos on WhatsApp, now you will not need any other app...


If you use WhatsApp for chatting, you must be sending stickers to your friends. How about if you make a sticker of your own photo and send it? Yes, this can be done. There will be no need for any third-party app to create stickers from photos on WhatsApp.


You can make stickers from photos
Actually, recently WhatsApp has introduced this facility of creating stickers from photos for iOS users. Along with this, WhatsApp users can also edit and send already existing stickers.

Make stickers like this from photos
     For this, first of all, you have to open WhatsApp.
     Now we will have to come to some chat.
     Now you have to click on the sticker.
     Now you have to tap on the option of creating a sticker.
     You will have to select the picture from the gallery by clicking on the album option.
     Some text will have to be added to this photo.
     After adding the text, you can add the already existing sticker.
     After creating the sticker, it has to be sent.

The sticker can be used again
WhatsApp claims that with this new feature, WhatsApp user's data remains end-to-end encrypted. That means any sticker shared between two people remains out of the reach of any third person.


After creating a sticker from a photo, it can also be added to your stickers. This sticker can be used again in the future for any other chat.

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