WhatsApp Trick: This unique trick of WhatsApp was searched the most by people in 2023, surely even you would not know about it..


Google has become so important to us that it cannot be imagined without it. If we want to know about something, we immediately open Google. Google provides us with information about all the things in the world. The tech giant releases a list at the end of every year in which it is told what people have searched the most or about whom questions have been asked throughout the year.


In the category of ‘How to’, people have asked many questions, including how to reach 5K followers on YouTube, or how to create a WhatsApp channel. So if you also do not know how to create a WhatsApp channel then we help you…

Open your WhatsApp and click on the ‘Updates’ tab.

Scroll to the bottom. At last, you will get the option of Channels. Here there will be a ‘+’ sign along with ‘channels’. Click on it.

After this, you will see two options named Find Channels and Create Channel. To create a WhatsApp channel, click on ‘Create Channel’.

After tapping on Create Channel, the terms and conditions of the channel will appear. After reading these, click on the ‘Agree and Continue’ button given below.

Now you will be asked for the details of your WhatsApp channel. Enter the channel name, profile photo, and description as per your choice.


After filling in all the information, tap on ‘Create Channel’. Let us tell you that you can add a profile photo and description later also. Keep in mind that here it is necessary to give the name of the channel.

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