WhatsApp Tips: Don't do this even by mistake! Your WhatsApp may be hacked; Take care of account security like this..

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WhatsApp is a popular chatting app today. However, due to the large user base of the app, this platform Meta remains in the eyes of cybercriminals.


Cybercriminals adopt new tactics every day to defraud WhatsApp users. This is the reason why every user is worried about the security of their WhatsApp account.

If you also use WhatsApp, you can take care of the security of your account only by following the methods suggested by WhatsApp. WhatsApp itself gives special advice to its users for account security.

Which mistake will cost you dearly?
For the security of your WhatsApp account, it is very important that you use only the updated version of the app. If you are careless about this, it can become a major reason for your account to be hacked.

Why is it important to update your WhatsApp account?
Actually, new updates are introduced from time to time for the users by WhatsApp. New features are added with new updates. With these new changes, WhatsApp accounts become more secure than before with every update.

Although there is no need to update WhatsApp, it gets updated automatically for the users. But for the security of WhatsApp accounts, users are advised to keep updating the app from the Play Store from time to time.

If you are not able to access WhatsApp then do this work

If you have lost access to your WhatsApp account, there is no need to worry. It is advised by WhatsApp that in such a situation the user can get his number re-registered.

WhatsApp claims that even after losing account access, no one can read your chats. It remains safe.

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