WhatsApp Tips: You may not know these things related to group video calls on WhatsApp..


WhatsApp is a popular app not only for chatting but also for file sharing and voice-video calling. You too must be using WhatsApp for voice and video calling.

Do you know, the company has made some rules regarding group video calls on WhatsApp? Under these rules, a user can take advantage of the WhatsApp video call facility.


In this article, we are giving information about these rules made by WhatsApp, which many users will be unaware of-

Important things related to WhatsApp Group Video Call

Limit of adding users on video call
Only 32 users can join a video call on WhatsApp at a time.

Video turned off during the video call
During a video call, every user gets the facility to turn off his video.

How to remove someone on a video call
A contact cannot be removed during a video call. To remove a contact, the contact to be removed will have to disconnect the call himself.

There are rules for blocked contacts as well.

You can join a WhatsApp group video call with a user whom you have blocked.

A blocked contact cannot be added to a video call.

A blocked contact on WhatsApp cannot add a contact who has blocked him to a video call.


Why is the quality of video calls bad?

The quality of group video calls on WhatsApp is the worst because of contacts with weak net connections. If everyone has a good net connection, the video quality will be clear.

WhatsApp video calling service is not available on all phones.

WhatsApp video calling facility is not available on all phones. WhatsApp video calls work only for Android version 4.1 or above.

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