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WhatsApp has millions of customers in India, who use it as per their needs. To make WhatsApp messages more personalized, the app has introduced a new chat filter. With this new update, users can easily find the most important conversations without having to scroll through the entire chat list.


Let us tell you that WhatsApp's chat filter feature works like Google's Gmail and you can use three filter options to navigate the messages more efficiently. After doing this they will appear at the top of your chat list. Chat filters are rolling out now and all WhatsApp users may get the feature in the coming weeks.

Information found in a blog post

     Meta: Instant messaging app WhatsApp for its customers said in a blog post on Tuesday, April 16 that it announced the launch of chat filters.

     This new feature aims to make it easier for users to see all their unread chats at once.

     In this update, users get the option to choose from three different filters – All, Unread, and Group. These options will appear at the top of the chat list.

     All defaults are visible while unread shows messages that have either been marked unread by the user or have not been opened yet.

     Tapping on a group will reveal group chats and subgroups of the community.

How will this filter be useful?

     Chat filters will be a useful feature for WhatsApp users struggling to respond to unread messages from multiple senders. WhatsApp confirmed that the filter options are being rolled out and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.


     This update was first seen on WhatsApp beta for Android and Gmail introduced a similar feature in 2020.

     WhatsApp's new chat filters are part of Meta's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience on the platform.

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