WhatsApp Tips: Do this immediately after sending a wrong message on WhatsApp, no one will know..


WhatsApp is being used by crores of users across the world. A smartphone user uses this chatting app several times a day.

If you also use WhatsApp, then you must have faced the problem of sending the wrong message at some point in time.


The good thing is that if you send the wrong message on WhatsApp, you get the facility to correct it. The message sent on WhatsApp can be edited.

This is the time you get after the message is sent

However, there is a time limit to edit the sent message. A WhatsApp user can edit the sent message within 15 minutes of sending it.

You can work secretly
Now if you are thinking that the information about editing the message will be received with the new notification, then let us tell you that it is not so.

According to WhatsApp, once you send the message, the information about editing it is not received by the message receiver through notification. Yes, but the edited message is visible with the edit tag.


What things cannot be edited?
It is important to understand here that with this special feature of WhatsApp, only text messages can be edited.

According to the information given by WhatsApp, WhatsApp users cannot edit photos, videos, and other media types after sending them.

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