WhatsApp Channels: 4 new features for WhatsApp Channels, will change the users' experience, know details here..


There are lakhs of such customers in India who use it for their different purposes. Let us tell you that the company keeps updating these features from time to time or keeps bringing new features. Continuing this trend, the company has introduced 4 features for the WhatsApp channel. Today we are going to tell you about them in detail.


WhatsApp recently upgraded its Channels feature, making it even better for brands, celebrities, and public figures to connect with their audiences. Let us tell you that the channel was launched in late 2023, which allows users to send messages directly to their followers.

Now Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has added four new features through WhatsApp channels. Today we will learn about it in detail.

WhatsApp Channel Features
     First of all, the company has now given the facility to send voice messages to the admin in the channel. With its help, it will become better and easier for people to stay connected with their followers.

     Apart from this, the messaging app Channels has introduced the poll feature. In such a situation, if you have used a poll in the WhatsApp group, then it will be easy for you to understand it.

     In this, admins can now ask followers for their opinions on different topics and take polls.

Multiple admins will be available in one channel
     Apart from these small updates, the company has introduced a big change for channels, in which now a channel can have more than one or multiple admins.

     This will be useful for big brands that need more people to keep their channels active and respond to messages quickly.


     Apart from this, followers can share updates from channels on their WhatsApp status. This means more people can see these updates, which can make channels more popular.

     Let us tell you that this update is no longer in the testing phase, so it will be introduced to more people soon.

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