What to wear while considering your skin tone that highlights your best features 

clothes according to your skin tone

We have many prejudices regarding colors. We have divided the colors into different types of slots. Some colors for boys and some colors for girls. Some colors are for the fair complexioned and some for the dark complexioned. But in reality, such a division of colors is not correct. The only meaning of saying is to not have any kind of prejudice regarding color. Just see whether the color you are choosing suits you or not. No division of colors is natural. Choose colors based on your skin tone. While there may not be such a clear-cut division, skin color should generally be the basis for your clothing color choices. Indian men get confused about their skin tone and the color of their clothes. After this, they are not able to look perfect even after wearing trendy-branded dresses. That's why we will tell you how boys should wear clothes according to their skin tone.

men with wheatish complexion

Men with wheatish complexion

are considered to have perfect skin tone. If the dress is worn in the right way according to this, then there can be four moons in the personality. You choose a dress of such color, which looks completely blooming. People with such skin tones should wear clothes of colors like brown, tan, khaki, green, orange, yellow, grey, navy blue, and black. Stay away from shades and avoid completely white-colored dresses. Golden looks great on wheatish skin tones. If such people wear accessories of golden color, then it will be right.

People who have a fair complexion

Which we can call fair, can wear all kinds of colors, but blue, green, pink, purple, etc. look better on them. You will look attractive if you wear dark colors like dark blue and dark red. Avoid black and white. Or use as much work as you can.

People with both dark and wheatish skin types should not choose colors like yellow or green. These colors are not considered right for such skin tones. People with such dark complexion can wear beige, cream, and blue colored clothes. Apart from this, colors like khaki, dark purple, maroon, grey, red, light blue, orange, and pink are considered correct for dark complexion. Clothes of such colors suit them. This will make them look cool.


After choosing the right color clothes according to the skin tone, now it is the turn to choose footwear i.e. slippers, shoes, loafers, sneakers, etc. There is no direct connection between skin tone and footwear. You choose the color of your footwear according to the color of the dress. Also, choose shoes, etc. according to the occasion. You should be able to match the footwear according to the color of the dress. Along with this, you should also know the men's fashion rule. People with muscular bodies and slim bodies should also know special things about wearing the right dress for themselves.


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