Weight loss tips: - You will lose weight even by eating chickpeas and rice, just follow these tips


The right diet is very important for weight loss. Often you are not able to lose weight because you are not able to choose the right diet. For weight loss, instead of remaining hungry for a long time, you should take meals in the right portion and keep the gap between meals thoughtfully. Weight loss diet also changes according to the nature of your body and the season. Often the biggest difficulty for people who want to lose weight is that they have to give up their favorite things. Chole rice is one of the favourite dishes of many people. If it is difficult for you to give up your favourite dish like chickpeas and rice to lose weight, then know from the expert the secret way to lose weight while eating it. Dietitian RadhikaGoyal is giving information about this. Radhika is a certified dietitian and nutritionist.

To lose weight, eat chole rice like this 

  • According to experts, people often consider rice responsible for weight gain and remove it from their plate. But white rice contains lysine, which is a type of rare amino acid. This is necessary for hormonal balance in the body. Apart from this, it is also good for digestion, improves bowel movements and removes bloating.
  • Methionine is found in it which works to break down liver fat.
  • Natural inositol is also found in it, which is good for PCOS.
  • Chickpeas, kidney beans and pulses are rich in protein, complex carbs, vitamins zinc and magnesium.
  • If you want to get full benefits from them, then soak them properly and cook them slowly so that the body can get the necessary nutrients.
  • Soak chickpeas and kidney beans 12 hours in advance and pulses at least 2-3 hours in advance.
  • Boil it with ginger so that there are no problems related to digestion.
  • Wash it properly before preparing so that there is no acidity.
  • You have to take special care of portion control while eating chickpeas and rice.
  • Along with this, include salad to increase fibre intake.
  • Make sure to take raita or buttermilk made from curd, bottle gourd or cucumber, so that it can become a complete meal.
  • Apart from this, while making rice, you must add cardamom and ginger to it.
  • Start with salad and then eat chickpeas and rice.
  • Try to include some green vegetables in your diet along with chickpeas and rice.

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