Weight Loss Tips: Why are you not able to lose weight? Learn from experts 5 reasons for this


To bring the body in shape or to reduce weight, it is most common to count diet, workout and steps, but even after trying many times, if the weight does not decrease, tension starts. Research has come to the fore, according to which we adopt many such habits in everyday life, due to which our weight starts increasing instead of decreasing. Some things related to this research have been published in Daily Mail. Let us tell you why despite our efforts, our weight is not reduced.

Sleep deprivation
Some researchers in America say that people who sleep for 8.5 hours can lose weight faster than those who sleep for 5.5 hours. In 2020, Dr. Ion of Northumbria University said that it is very important for us to sleep properly for weight loss. If you are following an expensive diet plan or physical workout routine but are not getting enough sleep, then in this condition the weight does not decrease.

Losing weight but building muscle
Many people are very happy that in a few weeks, their weight starts decreasing but they start gaining muscles. Increasing muscles can harm us more than fat at a time. It should be noticed that along with the loss of weight, the muscles are not growing in the wrong way.

Not tracking progress
During weight loss, this thing is taken care of what to eat, but what should be its quantity, people often ignore it. We should track how much is the intake of calories. At what time should things be over?

Don't drink water
We should drink 8 glasses of water daily so that the body remains hydrated. Researchers believe that liquid kills our appetite and boosts metabolism. According to a 2015 study, people who drink 500 ml of water before meals are able to lose 2 kg more weight.


Medical condition
Good food, exercise, and good sleep is not necessary for weight loss. Sometimes due to medical conditions also the weight is not reduced. If there is any kind of physical problem in your body, then try to fix it first. Because it is possible that you kept trying and could not lose weight. (PC. Soical media)

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