Weight Loss Recipe: If you want to have light lunch or dinner but keep your stomach full, then try Paneer Stuffed Besan Cheela...


Weight Loss Recipe: We have talked many times about healthy breakfast, but when it comes to lunch or dinner, we only hear that dinner should be very light. But in the process of reducing weight, the role of both diet and exercise is very important and after exercise one feels very hungry. In such a situation, eating less can make you feel hungry again and then when you do not understand some option, you try to satisfy this hunger by eating chips, biscuits, or similar unhealthy snacks, which is not right.


So today we have brought such a recipe for you, which you can include in lunch or dinner. Eating will not cause hunger, which can help in weight loss. The name of this recipe is Paneer Stuffed Besan Chilla. Let's know how to make it.

For this you need
Gram flour, Salt, Red chili powder, Asafoetida, Ginger, Coriander leaves, Onion, Cumin powder, Paneer, Green chili, Oil, Szechuan sauce, Coriander-mint chutney

Add gram flour, salt, red chili, asafoetida, ginger, and coriander leaves in a bowl and mix it dry. Then add water slowly to it and make a batter. Note that this solution should neither be too thick nor too thin.

Now keep the pan for heating. As soon as it becomes hot, add butter, ghee, or oil to it.

Add chopped onions and fry. Along with this, add chopped green chilies, chopped capsicum, and tomatoes and fry till they become soft.

After this, add red chili powder, cumin powder, salt, paneer cut into small cubes, and coriander leaves. Stuffing ingredients are ready.

Now heat the nonstick pan. Pour gram flour batter on it and spread it well.


Bake it from both sides. First, apply schezwan sauce and green chutney to it and then add this stuffing. While rolling, bake the cheela a little more.

Healthy Besan Paneer Chilla is ready.

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