Weight Loss: People losing weight should include poha in their diet, they will get many health benefits


Poha or Rice: Poha is such a snack, which is made for breakfast in almost every Indian kitchen. Due to being light in food, people like Poha a lot. For the last few years, Poha has become very popular among the people. Especially people who have lost weight eat poha with great interest. It not only contains a lot of nutrients, but it also does not let us feel hungry too much. Apart from this, poha is also very beneficial for our bodies.


On the other hand, if we talk about rice, then it is polished. Arsenic is found in polished rice. According to Consumer Reports, long-term exposure to arsenic can cause skin, nervous system and lung problems. Dietician Mac Singh says that fat is found in raw poha. In a Facebook post, he told that when it is fried with vegetables, the fat does not increase much. But the right oil should be used for this. According to the dietician, Poha is more healthy.

Healthy fibre and carbohydrates in poha
According to dieticians, 100 grams of raw poha contains 70 grams of healthy carbohydrates. Unlike rice, poha is not polished. Fiber is also found in it. Apart from being gluten-free, the high fibre helps control blood sugar.

High iron
According to dieticians, when rice is processed to make poha, the amount of iron in it increases. People who are suffering from anaemia can include poha in their diet. The amount of iron in this snack is high and if you eat it daily then you will never be deficient in iron.


Easily digestible
Poha is also very beneficial for the stomach. It is also easy to digest. This makes your stomach feel full. It is low in calories, which is the best diet for weight loss people.

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