Weight Loss: Losing weight is now a left handed game..Eat these things in dinner to get rid of obesity


Weight Loss Foods: Losing weight is not a child's job. For this one has to work hard and follow the right diet. Many times it also happens when lakhs of efforts to lose weight do not work. This is because our diet is not correct. Whatever we eat before sleeping at night, affects weight loss, but there is one more thing if you include some things in the dinner, then your belly fat will disappear. This will also reduce your weight. Let us know what should be eaten at night for weight loss.


If you eat a handful of almonds late at night, then you get many benefits. It contains very few calories and the rest of the essential nutrients are present. In such a situation, if you eat almonds at night, then it repairs the muscles.

Bread and Peanut Butter
Protein is found in a very good amount of peanuts. It is very capable of repairing muscles. Tryptophan is a type of amino acid. It improves sleep. If you take the bread and peanut butter together, your metabolism improves and more calories are burned.

Banana is considered a treasure of nutrients. Due to this, one gets good sleep and the weight also reduces quickly. Fibre is found in bananas, which keeps the stomach full for a long time. This also reduces the habit of eating sweets. Magnesium and potassium are found in abundance in bananas. It relaxes the muscles and also reduces stress and spasms.

If you eat curd, then many of your problems end. It is as nutritious as it is low-calorie and protein rich food. If your dinner includes a bowl of fresh curd, then your digestion problem will end. According to a study, eating curd before sleeping increases protein synthesis.

These things are also helpful in weight loss
It is always advisable to eat light food at night. If you want to reduce your weight, then you can take 15 grams of grated paneer with oats and jowar cheela for dinner. Vegetable upma, tawa paneer, fried or roasted vegetables, vegetable idli, chia seed pudding and ragi flour roti with vegetables are also beneficial. Avoid going to sleep immediately after eating one more thing.

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