Weight Loss: Follow this diet plan told by the nutritionist, and you will start looking young in 2 weeks!


Increasing weight and not reducing it causes harm and despite knowing this, we all ignore it. We are always surrounded by such habits which are not considered good for the body at all. These bad habits include eating processed food, smoking cigarettes, and alcohol, making food in non-stick pans, living in polluted areas and drinking water from plastic bottles. This type of lifestyle not only makes us ill but also makes us look old before time. In the news published in Daily Mail, the nutritionist has told us such a diet plan, which can help us to keep young. Let us tell you about it…

Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock has shared this diet plan in which she is telling the tricks to keep the cells of body active. She says that we all are aware of a healthy diet, regular exercise and a good sleep routine, but I prefer to keep myself fit and young in other ways. It is true that in modern life it is difficult to find time for oneself, but activities like a change in diet and sitting in water for a while can help in activating every cell of the body.


This is also called the recycling process, which increases energy level, improves sleep, increases brain as well as immunity, improves digestion and leads to healthy weight loss. Experts say that this type of diet plan can make you look young in 2 weeks. I have been a model and being a nutritionist I know how our diet and lifestyle affect our genes. The ageing process slows down due to the removal of dead cells and the repair of the rest of the cells.

Dietary changes
Expert has advised adopting the formula of Time Restricted Eating (TRE). In this, you reduce the calorie intake for two to three days of the week. With TRE, we can control general-mental health, weight, sleep and energy level. You have to intake only 700 calories for two to three days a week. It can be a bit difficult, but its effect is visible in a few days. Experts say that eat such things which are high in protein and stay away from sugary carbohydrates. Consume fibre-rich vegetables and whole grains in food. This will cure diseases, and increase energy and hormonal levels.

Cold shower method
We should take a cold shower while taking a bath. According to experts, first one should sit in the steam room for a while and then by sitting in ice water, our cells become active. Heat and cold combination produce chemical messages in the body which affect the cells.

Exercise is important
Exercising consumes energy but it also creates energy in the body. Working out not only builds muscles, but its cellular effect is also visible on the body. By exercising, we are able to remain active and the process of ageing also slows down.


Stay away from plastic
Plastic bottles, food containers, food wraps, cleaning products, washing detergents and non-stick pans put our bodies at risk of cancer. You should use glassware instead of plastic. Use organic things instead of washing detergent. Cook and eat food in stainless steel or iron utensils instead of nonstick. (PC. Social media)

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