Weight Gain Smoothie: If you are worried about the low weight of children, then try this healthy and tasty smoothie...


Weight Gain Smoothie: Parents worried about the low weight of their children try their best so that the child eats healthy food and his weight increases. But no matter how much some children eat, their body does not feel like eating.


In such a situation, try a smoothie which is very easy to make and by feeding it regularly to your child daily, you will see a positive difference in the energy level and weight of the child within a few days. Also, it contains neither flour nor sugar. Your child will also like the taste of this smoothie with its nutritious elements.

Make this smoothie like this
take two cups of oats
one cup chopped carrots
5 to 6 dates
pistachios or almonds
peanut butter
chia seeds

It is very easy to make it. You just have to take all the ingredients put them in the grinder and run it. Your healthy smoothie is ready. Pistachios and pomegranate seeds can be sprinkled on top. Take it out in a glass and serve.

Benefits of this smoothie
Give it breakfast early in the morning.
The dry fruits present in it will give energy for the whole day.
The milk and banana present in it will help in weight gain and peanut butter will provide an adequate amount of protein.

Oats relieve constipation, gas, and stomach-related problems in children. It is also easily digested, due to which it is an excellent option for the delicate digestive system of children.

Oats can be given to children two to three times daily as it mainly has no side effects.

The carrots present in this smoothie are beneficial for the eyes of children.
To reduce sweetness, you can also choose one of the things like honey, dates, and peanut butter.

The chia seeds present in it are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin k, calcium, Vitamin B6, and zinc, which help in the overall development of the child. It is very important for the child's eyes and also strengthens the immune system and bones.


Take care of these things
Do not give too much to a small child.
They may be allergic to peanut butter or any of the ingredients.
Give only to children above 5 years of age.
Like this, try this protein-rich oats smoothie and see the difference. If you do not like the taste of any of the ingredients, you can remove it.
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