Water Health Risk: If you drink water in the wrong way, many dangerous diseases will affect the body, know what is the right way?


Water Health Risk: The body needs enough water to perform all its functions properly. Water not only keeps us hydrated but also helps to flush out toxins from the body. If water is consumed properly, the body can get many benefits. But do you know how much harm your body can suffer by drinking water in the wrong way? Yes, you are listening, right? The wrong time and method can make water an unhealthy thing for the body. Let us know how to drink water so that it gives only benefits to the body, not harm.


Many of us have this habit of storing water in a bottle at night and then drinking this water in the morning. Most people do the same. You will be surprised to know that the taste of stored water changes a lot as compared to fresh water and the change in taste is due to carbon dioxide. According to some studies, keeping water open for 12 hours or more causes molecular changes in water. It has been found that the carbon dioxide present in the air starts mixing with the water, which lowers the pH level and due to this changes the taste of the water. But it has not yet been confirmed that drinking this water is safe for health.

Is drinking open water safe for health?
However, experts suggest that one should always try to avoid drinking stored water. They also emphasize that water kept in the open should not be drunk, because different types of dirt and debris are present in it. According to health experts, drinking open water is not safe for health. This is because when we drink this water, hundreds of bacteria sitting on the rim of the bottle or glass enter our body and can harm it in future. Even when you drink water in the bottle of an infected patient, your risk of getting sick will increase.


Can you drink water kept overnight?
This is the reason why always drinking fresh water from a tap or filter is beneficial for health. If you have a habit of drinking water often in the middle of the night, then keep your water bottle covered. Also, instead of drinking water from the same bottle the next day, drink fresh water coming from the tap. Also, always wash your bottle or keep it clean and also avoid drinking someone's fake water.

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