'Water Fasting' formula is very helpful in losing weight fast, know its advantages as well as disadvantages


Weight Loss Formula: Fasting or fasting is very beneficial for overall health. By fasting, the body gets detoxified and the digestive system also remains fine. Along with this, mental and physical fitness also remains. The practice of fasting in our country is centuries old. Mainly people observe fast in the form of devotion to the deities. But today people are fast to lose weight.


Water fasting is in trend
The practice of fasting to lose weight is in trend, that is 'water fasting'. It is clear from the name itself that, in this fasting, we do not eat food, instead, we take a liquid diet like water, black coffee and tea without sugar. In many research, water fasting has been said to be very beneficial for our health, and also reduces the risk of chronic diseases and also helps in breaking down body fat. Along with benefits, fasting is also harmful. Similarly, by doing more fasting, it can also harm our bodies.
What is water fasting?
Water fasting means that you do not eat anything other than water. In our country, people observe this fast due to religious reasons, now people are observing this fast to benefit their health. In water fasting, the old and damaged cells of your body get developed again.
How does water fasting affect the body?
The time of water fasting can be from 24 hours to 3 days. Along with this, water fasting also depends on your health condition. If you have heart, kidney disease, migraine, gout, type 1 and type 2 diabetes and pregnant women should not observe this fast.
What should be the diet after water fasting
You should do the first fast for a short time. One should not eat heavy food immediately after fasting. You should eat little by little, and drink plenty of water. Along with this, more light food should be eaten after fasting. If you overeat after fasting, you may be at risk of refeeding syndrome. In this condition, there is a rapid change in the body's fluid and electrolyte levels.
Disadvantages of water fasting
If we do water fasting, then we take only a liquid diet, which contains very few calories. If you drink less water during water fasting, then the risk of dehydration in the body increases. Along with this, there may be problems of nausea, headache, constipation, dizziness and low blood pressure in fasting. (PC. Social media)

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