Water Bottle Side Effects: Your water bottle is dirtier than the toilet seat! Head will be dizzy after reading this study


Reusable Water Bottles Side Effects: Don't know how many times a bottle of water is used by many people. There are very few people who throw bottles immediately after use. Do you know how dangerous a reusable water bottle can prove to be for your health? And how many diseases can you get because of it? We are not doing this, rather this claim has been made in a study. New research has found that reusable bottles carry about 40,000 times more bacteria than toilet seats. If you have been using the same bottle for a long time, then you should be careful now.


A team of researchers from US-based WaterfilterGuru.com investigated the cleanliness of reusable water bottles. He checked all the parts of the bottle thrice. According to research, the presence of two types of bacteria was found on the bottle, which includes gram-negative bacteria and bacillus bacteria. The researchers explained that gram-negative bacteria are responsible for causing a variety of infections. While Bacillus bacteria can cause gastrointestinal problems. In this research, the cleaning of bottles was compared to household items and it was found that the bottles contained twice as many germs as the kitchen sink.

Is reusing dangerous for health?
He also said that there are four times more bacteria in water bottles than in a computer mouse. There are 14 times more bacteria in a water bottle than in a pet's water bowl. Of course, this research is scary. Because a large number of people use a bottle of water many times. Dr Simon Clarke, a microbiologist at the University of Reading, said that even though there is a large number of bacteria present in a water bottle, they do not prove to be as dangerous to health.


Wash bottle with hot water
Clarke said that to date I have never seen anyone falling ill because of a water bottle. Even after drinking water from the tap, no one was found falling ill. Clarke said that water bottles are contaminated by bacteria already present in people's mouths. Researchers have recommended washing the bottles with soap and hot water at least once a day before reusing them.

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